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About Wiernik Quick Lube Center, LLC
Wiernik Quick Lube Center, LLC is owned and operated by long-time North Fayette resident and West Allegheny graduate, Brandon Wiernik.  Brandon personally oversees all products and services and takes pride in offering quality customer service to the community.  

Getting an oil change might be a necessity,  but I don't like the high-pressure dealerships and shops. Brandon is passionate about cars; he always takes the time to explain my product and service options and he treats me with the utmost respect.  At Wiernik Quick Lube, I'm confident that I'm always getting the best value for my money.

Charles Trexler, Wiernik Quick Lube Center Customer

Waste oil from Wiernik Quick Lube Center, LLC is collected and transported for testing and recycling into a high-quality, energy-efficient fuel oil for the asphalt, pulp and paper, and electric utility industry. All recycled oil is discharged in compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations. NO disposal fees are ever passed on to customers.  

Other companies may offer similar services, but Wiernik Quick Lube Center, LLC offers a personal touch.  
Interested in learning more? Contact Brandon directly.